A true Canadian trophy Jackfish

Right here is a picture of a true Canadian trophy Jackfish. I was moose hunting with my great friends Kelly, Denny and Shaun just south of Ft Smith In the NWT. The moose hunting was a little slow, well let's just say it was really slow. I don't think we had seen a moose in days!!!  All of our hunting was done out of boats, so what does one do..... You start fishing!!!  

This trip up north is where my love for catching trophy fish started. It can be exciting and boring at times. You can go hours and hours waiting, just patiently starring at your rod tip, waiting for that bite, that strike, that anything!!! And then all hell breaks loose when your rod bends over and you set that hook!!! The game is on!! It's a game of give and take with large fish. You rest your arms when they fight, and you reel up when they are at rest!! Then, you get your trophy to the boat. This is where the fish a lot of fish are lost!! We managed to get this jackfish into the boat with no net. It was not easy, but we got the trophy fish into the small tin boat. We did not have a scale, as we were not there to fish we were hunting, but we did have a 48" measuring sticker on the inside of the boat. With the tail pinched, the monster was 50"! After we got our measurement and a couple photo's, we released the trophy jackfish back into the cool water for another angler to enjoy the same thrill we had  just experienced.  

It truly is moments like this one that can change a persons life. It changed mine. Fishing runs through my blood, it's who I am. It's what i do.

 Nick Porayko

Lunker’s Fishing Adventures