Colin's monster fall walleye!

Colin's monster fall walleye!

We are sliding into the best river fishing of the season!  We just landed our first monster walleye of the year. This beautiful walleye is in the top ten fish I have personally seen. People dream of setting the hook on such a big fish!  

Colin and his father got out for a day of river fishing with us and did they turn it on.  We boated this dandy of a fall eye, along with a 18lb jackfish and a couple over the 10lb mark. Not bad for a day of fishing! I will say that after Colin and his father caught these great fish it was time for a bite to eat. I seen in the corner of my eye of his cooler was a banana!  I could not believe it, I truly believe banana's are bad luck on a fishing boat. But the myth is busted on my boat after what I had seen!

We are slowing wrapping things up for the season.  With two more weeks of fishing trips booked we will hopefully be tying into some great fall fish! With the walleye schooling up we are catching great numbers, along with some great size. I will say it's been great to see a lot of young fish in the river.  I know people want to catch the big guys! But it's the little guys that become the river hogs.  Saying that, handle all fish with care when releasing. 

Good luck to all! Keep the shining side down and your hooks sharp! 

Nick Porayko