Well, we are rolling into 2018 with some harsh weather!  That didn't stop young Brock from venturing out in -36 weather to chase some big old gators through the ice. Brock was sporting a custom made bucktail by Tyler Speed, which was the ticket to catch this monster jack!  

We are looking forward to our up and coming 2018 fishing season!  We will be doing some filming with Wes David, host of the Wild West Fishing Show. And look forward to doing more with Michael Short with Let's Go Outdoors, a great outdoor advocate. 

Lunkers Fishing Adventures will be doing dome custom fishing trips that are out of the box trips! With some runs down to the Fraser River for monster sturgeon, along with some trips down to the South Saskatchewan River for big old lake sturgeon!  We will be running our overnight fishing trips, which were a hit last summer with stag parties, along the North Saskatchewan River, right around the Edmonton area.

In the mean time we will be hitting the ice hard, until the rivers open up in the spring. Chasing big old jackfish, along with trout and walleye! Ice fishing is an inexpensive way to get out and do some fishing! So grab a hand augur and some rods and get out there! The Edmonton area has many good producing lakes under an hour away so take advantage of this up and coming warm weather!

 "keep your hooks sharp"

Nick Porayko. 


Summer sturgeon are in the air! 


It's June 28th, and its been one heck of a season already!

We have managed to get our clients on quality fish dispite the poor river conditions.  We have been fighting high river conditions all season.  The river has yet to clear up, but soon things will settle down. 

Our sturgeon trips have been producing multiple fish per trip! The sturgeon love to get active with this high and dirty water!  

We still have plenty of days open! So if getting out for a day of relaxing fishing is on your mind, book an adventure with Lunkers!   

"Keep your hooks sharp!" 

Nick Porayko 

Sturgeon season is in full swing! 


Outdoor Canada Magazine has tagged us again on their website!  With fishing downtown Edmonton, Alberta as a hotspot for many different species of fish to target.  

Our 2017 fishing season is in full swing. We are excited for all of our up and coming trips!   We have been running for three weeks, the sturgeon are hot right now. The walleye fishing has been slow due to water temperatures and dirty water.  But the water has been clearing up a bit and the walleye are starting to hit hard!  

May has been the month of the Burbot, we have never boated so many this late in the season.  The river is definitely behind compared to the last few years.  With cooler temperatures in April and early May it has an impact on the walleye fishing. The walleye have been sticking to the shallow water. But are starting to move into there summer honey holes.  

We will be adding another guide and boat this season to accommodate more customers. Carl will be handling all of Lunkers lake fishing trips. We look forward to having him on our team.  He brings years of lake fishing experience, along with some walleye tournaments under his belt.

Keep your hooks sharp! 

Nick Porayko  

Book now! 2017 fishing season is in full Swing

Sturgeon Fishing  

Sturgeon Fishing  

We are slidding into the 2017 fishing season! If you're looking for an adventure right in your back yard look no further. There's no need to travel all over Alberta or to BC for that matter.  We offer dynamite fishing right in and around Edmonton, Alberta. 

"Keep your hook's sharp" 

Nick Porayko  

Spring sturgeon fishing. 

Fraser River Sturgeon  

Fraser River Sturgeon  

Well our fist trip out on the Fraser River was dynamite!  For three flat landers we did pretty good. 

We managed to land just under 50 sturgeon in three days.  I should say three very long days.  We fished hard, on the water at 6am and shut it down around midnight.  

It was one of the most rewarding fishing trips I have ever been on.   

I can see hitting the Fraser River will be an annual fishing trip with the boys.  

Nick Porayko.  

Gearing up for the Fraser! 

Sturgeon Fishing. 

Sturgeon Fishing. 


We are gearing up to hit the famous Fraser River!  I'll be joining Tyler Speed and Terriss Birch, two avid anglers.  Tyler has plenty of experience with the White Sturgeon that are abundant to the Fraser. Terriss is an avid fly fisherman that will be experiencing the mighty White Sturgeon for first time.  I have only hooked into the Lake Sturgeon that lurk the waters of the North Saskatchewan River and cannot wait to see the sizes the Fraser so plentifully provides.  We will be spending three days exploring the  best spots of the Fraser River. 


We will be in the heart of the Fraser canyon, about 300 km upstream from the ocean. The plan  is to battle a few 7 or 8 foot fish with the chance of a monster 10 footer. The scenery is beautiful, the fish are prehistoric and it's a battle of strength to the end always. Fishing holes 100 feet deep with crazy current and jagged rock formations everywhere. Some camping, lots of time on the river and ...the hardest part is always leaving.