Spring fishing is in full swing !


Well the 2018 open water fishing season is in full swing!  

With the late coming of spring, it has set back our water conditions in the North Saskatchewan River.  Cooler water temperatures and water clarity.  Saying this the sturgeon fishing has been dynamite the past two weeks and will continue.

This season Lunkers Fishing Adventures will be running three jet boats on the beautiful North Saskatchewan River, and two lake boats to accommodate large groups.  

We are an Edmonton, Alberta based, full time fishing outfitter to serve and handle all of your fishing adventures needs.

keep your hooks sharp, and the shinny side down!

Nick Porayko 



Pucker up with suckers, river style!



Well, it's April 20th. And the river is still iced up!  Last year we were fishing April 12th, well that's not the case this year! This season we will be pushed back by four weeks.  The river is going high and dirty this spring.  Saying this, we love high water, Makes for some great sturgeon fishing! And how do we love to put out customers on sturgeon!  

Lunkers Fishing Adventures is Alberta's all inclusive, full time fishing outfitter. 

Keep your hooks sharp, and the shinny side down.  

Nick Porayko. 


Spring Fling!


Well, our ice fishing season has come to an end. The River is still froze up solid! What does one do, well we decided to hop on the plane and fly out to Vancouver to chase down some Fraser River Sturgeon!

We fishing with Fraservalley Sport Fishing out of Mission, BC.  Our guide Rob, put my son and I on a bunch of fish over the next two days! I will say this, it's been along time since I have been on a guided fishing trip. Was kinda nice just to relax and reel in the fish!  

Our 2018 fishing is starting to stack up with some big trips already on the books. So if you're interested in getting out this season be sure to book your trip, with Lunkers Fishing Adventures!


Keep your hooks sharp, and the shinny side down. 

Nick Porayko. 


Young Brock, with a young healthy sturgeon!

California hooks up with Lunkers!


Lunkers Fishing Adventures got the opportunity to take out a group fishing, that was up here in Alberta with LA Kings.  The fishing was a little slow, but the sun was shinning! What more could one ask for at the tail end of March. 

With the hard water season wrapped up for the year, we are egar to be gearing up for the up and coming open water! 

Keep your hooks sharp, and the shinny side down!

Nick Porayko  

Winter Paradise!


We have managed to consistently ice big Jackfish this season.

 Trying different techniques to lure these toothy critters in!  And it's definitely working for us. 

It still amazes me that we can catch, trophy size fish with in an hour of Alberta's, capital city Edmonton!  With many great fishing lakes, and not to mention the North Saskatchewan RIver that runs right through downtown Edmonton. 

If you're interested in booking an out of the box fishing trip, drop us a line!

Keep your hooks sharp, and the shinny side down.

Nick Porayko.




Well, we are rolling into 2018 with some harsh weather!  That didn't stop young Brock from venturing out in -36 weather to chase some big old gators through the ice. Brock was sporting a custom made bucktail by Tyler Speed, which was the ticket to catch this monster jack!  

We are looking forward to our up and coming 2018 fishing season!  We will be doing some filming with Wes David, host of the Wild West Fishing Show. And look forward to doing more with Michael Short with Let's Go Outdoors, a great outdoor advocate. 

Lunkers Fishing Adventures will be doing dome custom fishing trips that are out of the box trips! With some runs down to the Fraser River for monster sturgeon, along with some trips down to the South Saskatchewan River for big old lake sturgeon!  We will be running our overnight fishing trips, which were a hit last summer with stag parties, along the North Saskatchewan River, right around the Edmonton area.

In the mean time we will be hitting the ice hard, until the rivers open up in the spring. Chasing big old jackfish, along with trout and walleye! Ice fishing is an inexpensive way to get out and do some fishing! So grab a hand augur and some rods and get out there! The Edmonton area has many good producing lakes under an hour away so take advantage of this up and coming warm weather!

 "keep your hooks sharp"

Nick Porayko. 


Summer sturgeon are in the air! 


It's June 28th, and its been one heck of a season already!

We have managed to get our clients on quality fish dispite the poor river conditions.  We have been fighting high river conditions all season.  The river has yet to clear up, but soon things will settle down. 

Our sturgeon trips have been producing multiple fish per trip! The sturgeon love to get active with this high and dirty water!  

We still have plenty of days open! So if getting out for a day of relaxing fishing is on your mind, book an adventure with Lunkers!   

"Keep your hooks sharp!" 

Nick Porayko